About the Artist

Most people do not get to follow their passions because life gets in the way and delays dreams.

All I had cared about in high school was art, but art does not give one a regular paycheck. I was married, had twins (losing one to the flu), divorced and married again before 23. Since children need to eat and bills need to be paid, I went college and landed in the business world. I was a lucky woman, though, because my husband always encouraged me to continue my art, and at times even pushed me to continue to create. He never questioned when I wanted to buy more supplies or take a class I had heard about. He refused to let my art die.

I am a New Hampshire girl of great parents. I am married to a man whose love, friendship and respect mean everything to me. I am a mother, mother-in-law, and stepmother. I am myself in all of these things, but the true essence of me is in my art. The colors spill out of me and attach to the paper or canvas. Each dot or strokes are my cells. I have heard other artists say that they lose themselves in their art, but I find myself. Life really did not get in my way; it just helped to enrich my art.