About the Artist

Nancy (Pelletier) Pond 

Largo, FL

Drawing and painting are part of my earliest memories but did not fully come to fruition for me until high school. Art is for my sake: It quiets my mind and is what I truly love.

In my other life I was a corporate accountant. One day I was in a very boring sales meeting and working on a doodle of a lighthouse in the margins of my notebook. I was using a black pen and decided a yellow highlighter added light and a pink one made bricks. The bleeding of the colors got me hooked. I could not stop. But because I felt that I did not have time for “real art”, I didn’t do much more than doodles.  After weeks of doing these doodles, my husband said, “You do know that these stopped being doodles quite a while ago?” I love all the different kinds of watercolors and types of ink. Currently, I use markers, pens, brushes, paper towels or cotton balls, objects from nature, or shapes from my mind, I love it all. I hope my pieces inspire you and brings you joy!